Sportovia for Enterprise

  • Motivate your employees to be active, improve their fitness and health as part of the benefit package. Each completed athletic goal will raise their belief in success and their own abilities - also at work!

  • Sportovia for Enterprise is a programme through which your employees can get access to their choice of personal trainers. In a safe, controlled and individually matched way, they will be able to work on reaching their sports goals – no matter if these are the first run kilometers or competition at a high level.

  • The part of the programme is the access to hundreds of tasty and healthy recipes tailored to the needs of individual users. Proper diet will help your employees to lead a healthy lifestyle and improve their well-being.

  • Write to us at to get more details. We invite you to cooperate with us!

Sportovia for Clubs

  • We know how important role in the proper development of an athlete plays a constant control over the implementation of the training plan and the opportunity for regular consultation with their coach. Therefore, we have prepared a programme of cooperation with sports clubs and organizations.

  • If you want your club coaches have the comfort of the insight into the training, statistics and metrics of their athletes as well as the option of current communication both with individuals and the whole club with a single application, let us know about your club at and we will send you our proposal of cooperation.

Sports events' organizers

  • In Sportovia, we appreciate the effort of sporting events' organizers, both local and big races on a global scale. We are willing to help by adding a little gift for starter packages and by promoting your event as much as we can!

  • If you are looking for partners for the organization, do not hesitate - contact us at . We are happy to help you!