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We are passionate about injury-free training, proper nutrition and reaching the high sports goals. We always do it in a smart, planned and controlled way. We know it is hard to get to the top alone. That is why we have created Sportovia: to support you in becoming a better athlete.
Designed for athletes
Sportovia is a powerful tool to plan, track and analyse your trainings. As long as you manage your workouts by yourself, Sportovia is and always will be free, equipping you in a vast number of useful tools and keeping you motivated in developing as an athlete. Once you decide to move forward, you can also find, hire and communicate with a personal coach who will help you reach your goals. Feel like a pro and develop even faster!
Details that matter
You need to put all the tiny pieces together to celebrate reaching your sports goals. Your diet is one of the most important ones, as it can make up to 15% of your ultimate success. Do not hesitate – try out and benefit from hundreds of healthy, valuable and delicious recipes tailored to your needs.
Tool for trainers
Coach Sportovia is the app we have created for coaches who can fully manage and analyse their athletes' training plans, communicate easily on daily basis and have their job done better and faster, wherever they are.
The PROs
Both Sportovia and Coach Sportovia apps were created in close cooperation with a group of top-class athletes, successful coaches and leading sports nutritionists. Among them there were multiple national champions, European and World Championships medalists and Olympians: triathletes, runners, swimmers, ski mountaineers, mountain bikers, adventure racers, orienteering runners. Take advantage of their knowledge and experience. Join Sportovia and become a better athlete.
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Sportovia for sports enthusiasts. Coach Sportovia for trainers.

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